Golden 90’s.

Remember the time when owning a cordless was the coolest thing ever? Cricket had just become a national craze and Imran Khan a living legend; Atari and Nintendo were the next coolest thing to a Ferrari – not to mention shooting a duck with an actual gun on your Nintendo. How about playing Dave 1 on your brand new Windows 95 and finding out you could not cross level three no matter what? Or perhaps the time when you’d rent out movies on VHS because owning them was practically impossible? Or the time when you were suddenly informed that the letter ‘Z’ was no longer pronounced as ‘zedd’ but had been changed in to ‘zee’? Yes I’m talking about the 90′s!

The 90′s have come and gone, but this decade is still “da bomb”—from fashion trends to our favorite TV shows, these years are full of awesomeness.  Let’s travel back to the simple time, when you had to sometimes wait for hours to connect to the internet. Or when your idea of wasting time on a digital device wasn’t playing Candy crush or whining on twitter but checking on your Tamagotchi. And you always, always woke up early on a Saturday morning to watch your  favorite cartoons.

While it may seem like it was just a few years ago that the era of Vital Signs and N’SYNC ended its glorious run, we’ve got some bad news: the 90′s are fading fast. The 2000′s are rapidly erasing nearly all of the cherished memories and monuments from us true ’90′s kids. The majority of high school freshmen this year were born in 1999 and will never know the joys, fears and anguishes of growing up in such a distinct decade.Let us all cherish those beautiful memories and experience sweet nostalgia. I’m sure many of you would agree that life back in the nineties was much more fun.

Let us have a look at the best of the nineties

Oh, the snacks:

The single greatest thing about being a child in the ’90s, aside from everything aired on Nickelodeon and Steve Urkel‘s laugh, was the sheer variety of snacks available to us.

You know you grew up in the 90′s when the thought of eating a Jetsport side by side with your Slims makes you want to run back to the school canteen. Oh so who remembers  those puffy, oddly-shaped baked cheesy corn chips which were probably the best packet of chips you could buy with Rs.2 at the time. Promoted with the slogan “thora sa magic, thori si masti”. I still remember how we friends used to fight over the  ‘jumbo whistle’ hidden inside the packet. Top pops  left your fingers stained with orange food coloring when you got to the end of the packet. They were yummy. 

We grew up eating jubilee, choco chums, BP jellies, Frost and Frooto,Peak Freans Ringo,Naz pan masala etc. And trust me, they were the best snacks one could ask for. ‘Football wali’ chocolates in your pocket made you feel like you were on top of the world.


Back in those day we had ‘Polka’, which was later bought by ‘Walls’. A fridge loaded with the delicious orange Jetsport and raspberry Mama Mia ice lollies along with mango and vanilla Polka ice cream cups was the best thing that happened to the summer. Undoubtedly, the 90′s offered up some of the best candy and junky snacks a person could ask for.

Oh, and who else is starving right now? ;)

Watching telly back in 90′s was hell of fun:

There is no question that TV nowadays doesn’t even stand a chance compared to the TV shows of the 90′s.  You

know you grew up in the 90′s when you’ve watched the only television station in the country i.e PTV. “Roads would clear up and there would be absolute silence in homes from 8 to 9pm, when the dramas aired,” recalls my mother. Such was the zeal and aura of Pakistani dramas back in the 90′s.

We had  ‘no-tension’ news. They began with “sadr-e-mumlikat ne kaha” (The president said), wen on to “wazeer-e-azam ne kaha” (the prime minister said), and ended somewhere around “governor ne kaha” (the governor said). No conspiracy theories, no drone attacks and no blaming on the Armed-forces or any sort of stupid fights. Cool, no?

The whole family was content with sitting in one room and enjoying whatever was on. Believe it or not, dads watched dramas, children watched the news, and moms watched cartoons. Unfortunately, this is not true today. Family bonding in front of the TV is a concept of the distant past.

Legends we grew up watching include, Shafi Muhammad, Moeen Akhtar, Badar Khalil, Marina Khan, Shehnaz Sheikh, Jawad Bashir, Faisal Qureshi and many other respectable artists. Haseena Moin, Amjad Islam Amjad  were classy writers of that time.

Dhuwan’ was another feather in the cap for PTV. It was the sort of spectacle that would make every other lad join the police and serve his country. Then we had Alpha bravo charlie; My love for armed-forces still compels me to watch this drama and trust me it’s as awesome as it was, when I watched it for the first time.  Tanhaiyaan, Ainak wala jin, Teen bata teen, Guest House, Family front, Dhoop kinaray, Unkahi, Haqeeqat,Sona Chandi, Andhera Ujala are some of the other dramas, you could even sacrifice your sleep for!

I still very vividly remember how Bil Patori from ‘Ainak Wala Jin’ would give me nightmares every time she’d say:

“Bil Patori naasa chori aadhi mithi aadhi kori I’m sorry, I’m sorry”

And who remembers watching ‘Zaaviya’ by Ashfaq Ahmed, ‘Nelaam ghar’ by Tariq Aziz and ‘Studio ponay teen’ by anwar maqsood?Shows in those days were pure class!

We have come a long way since then as Pakistani media has grown into a huge industry. But sometimes I can’t help but feel terribly nostalgic. I miss the simpler days of PTV.

On the other hand, many of you will experience nostalgia fits if I mention the old ‘Disney Channel’.

You know you grew up watching the disney channel in those days when:

‘Hakuna Matata’ is the only motto of your life

You knew Ryan, Justin, Christina, Britney, and Keri back when they were in the Micky Mouse Club

You were there for “To Infinity” before it went Beyond #ToyStory


You’ve always wanted to (or, let’s be real, you already did) Rafiki your pet

Oh and you still own VHS copies of The Lion King and Beauty and the Beast. Also Hercules. Oh, and Pocahontas. Don’t you?

90′s was the decade which brought us F.R.I.E.N.D.S, The Flintstones,Pink Panther, The Powerpuff Girls, Home Alone, 101 Dalmations, Scream, Dexter’s Laboratory, Mr Bean, Mathilda, Jurassic Park. What else could you ask for?


 Kia hua agar zindagi zara ulajh si gayi…

Music back in those golden days:

There was a time when most of us were young and insane about Junoon, Vital Signs, Awaz,  Sajjad Ali and so on. There was a time when musicians were proud of their work; the ‘whatever sells’ concept was not there. Music was not sold because of the videos or because of the looks of the singer. It was something that united us all (recall the Jazba Junoon song!), that moved us (recall Ye Sham by Vital Signs!), that amused us (recall the awesomely crazy songs by Dr Aur Billa!), that inspired us (recall Josh’s Jaago) that made us dance.

Whenever you hear those songs, or watch those old videos, you are immediately uplifted and engulfed in sweet nostalgia. That sort of music actually made us all proud to be Pakistanis. Perhaps one of the saddest parts of the ’90′s being forgotten are the classic tunes of the decade.

International music in those days…

Kids, let’s be honest; Bieber and One Direction couldn’t hold a candle to Aaron Carter and Back street boys.

Rock was certainly rolling, with Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Green Day, Foo fighters, Blink 182 and Weezer not having yet fallen victim to the mainstream and still keeping it real. Rappers weren’t popping molly, they were still popping gats in East Coast vs. West Coast beef. There was no “Gas Pedal” or “Wobble,” there was “Baby Got Back.”

Who remembers ‘Take it back’ by Pink Floyd? Doesn’t it immediately take you back to those golden times. Ah, the music in the ’90′s was far beyond good and thus, life was good!


Now comes our favorite part; The games:

Before kids started bragging about mobile phones, there was the BMX bicycle. Before Counter Strike became all the rage, there were indigenously-improvised outdoor games like baraf-pani, uunch-neech, pithu-garam etc. Owning a Nintendo or Saga consoles was a privilege. While playing Monopoly or Carom board with the whole family had its own charm.

After finishing our homework, we kids used to go out for cycling. Or went  out in the garden, playing Hide and Seek, Kona-Kona and other interesting games, kids these days are unaware of. Playing out all day long with friends and cousins or sitting on the couch and shooting the duck with the actual gun on our Nintendos was what we loved doing.

While young kids these days might send their friends a Snapchat, you can’t top passing notes in class without your teacher noticing. Swapping some Pokemon cards with your homies or logging in some serious hours together on a Dreamcast or Nintendo 64 is more personal interaction with friends than unfortunately most kids probably get these days. The toys we grew up were simple and fun, and that’s all we needed.

Life may be hard to fathom without our Macs and iPhones, but in our opinion, a childhood with Legos, Pogos and
sticky hands were all we needed. Life was simpler back in the ’90′s, and so were the games & toys. That doesn’t mean that we didn’t have the time of our lives with really ghetto Lazer Tag sets and Furbies, it just means that we didn’t need all the technology kids these days have at such a young age. When 4th graders are toting iPads around, we want to yank them away and stick a Tamagotchi in their hands and see them nurture that little thing till death. Oh and who remembers the brick game we used to buy, on every visit to Lahore or Karachi? Good ol’ days.

Yaadain, yaad aati hain…

After recalling all the beautiful memories; I miss the nineties, the company, the childhood, the laughter and those sticky hands that I got after snatching my best friend’s chocolate and eating it like a little baby. Those were the good days. When the only tension we had was to get an A grade or putting back mum’s cosmetics safely, after playing teacher-teacher with the cousins. And our little fights were about who’d get  the whistle hidden inside that one packet of top-pops, five of us were sharing. Now everything’s different and we have indeed grown up. But, nineties were undoubtedly; The 10 years of awesomeness!


16 thoughts on “Golden 90’s.

  1. Reblogged this on Kaleidoscope and commented:
    I think I am going to cry. You know how we used to make fun of our parents when they told us stories of “their times“. And now, more often than I’d like to admit, when I am with my younger cousins or nieces and nephews I find myself saying “humare zamanay mai..” and well, ab I understand what the elders felt. I miss the 90s 😥

    • “Humara zamanay mein”, waqayi uss dour ki baat he aur thi. Though it makes me feel old, but those were the best days. When hugging your mom and telling her how delicious home-cooked food is, was more important than taking a shot and posting it on instagram. 😦

  2. Damn. I suffer from a major 90s nostalgia. You refreshed everything anew. Just thinking of the fact that the last 90s batch is through with their high school makes me sad.
    10 brownie points to you for making me feel I’m not alone in this. :’)

    • Ah yes, I almost cried while mentioning it in my post. Indeed we’ve all grown-up. But no one can imagine what an awesome decade it was, except for the nineties kids, themselves, Thank you so much, for stopping by! :’)

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